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Learn How to Use WP-CLI For WordPress

Learn how to use wpcli for WordPress

If you’re looking to manage your content, WP-CLI is a great tool to keep in your back pocket. It lets you manage your content in various ways including creating new posts and exporting content between WordPress installations. Although you might not feel at ease writing posts using the terminal it can help you get to know the capabilities. You can start by typing wp post create and it will launch a text editor known as vim. Once you’re finished you can press ESC or type wq to exit. You can also check to check if any new posts have been posted on your blog.

Installing WordPress

WP-CLI is a program that lets you install, update and downgrade WordPress sites. There are a variety of commands built into WP-CLI. These commands allow you to access the backend of your site and allow you to manage it from one location. WP-CLI speeds up and makes it more simple to install your website.

First, you’ll need to install MySQL. If you are using CentOS or Ubuntu it is recommended to install it before installing WordPress. Then, change the databasename and CREATE USER. Next download the WP -CLI tool. Once it is installed, you will be presented with an installation form for your WordPress site. You can complete the form with your web browser or use WP-CLI to fill in the required columns.

Activating plugins

Activating plugins using wp_cli a powerful command-line tool that allows users to complete a variety of maintenance tasks. It is possible to use this tool to activate plugins, install new plugins, or manage updates. You can run WPCLI from the staging server, the new WordPress instance, or live site. Activating plugins can be done quickly and easily, so make sure you know how it works.

WP-CLI, an open-source command-line interface for WordPress, offers a range of commands that can be used to manage your WordPress website. You can also run your own custom commands that allow you to interact with your website from an unconnected location. The primary purpose of WPCLI is to simplify the workflow of an WordPress developer. It can be used to accomplish common and less-common tasks like adding users, updating plugins, or configuring multisite installation.

Modifying the URL of a website

You will need to have some command-line knowledge in order to change the URL of a website using WordPress cli commands. The wp-cli command may also be used to change the value of your website. You will need to use option update commands in order to update your website’s URL in WordPress. Before making any changes to your website’s URL, it is advisable to perform a test run in a staging environment to ensure that the change will not affect your website.

Although you can change your website’s URL via the settings menu in WordPress admin, it’s easier to make use of the command line. For instance, you can change “” to the new domain. Be aware that using the command line might break your links and may require you to replace the value with the correct domain name. Utilizing the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin can fix these issues.

Controlling WordPress Cron jobs

Managing WordPress Cron jobs with wP-CLI can be a great way automate time-based tasks for your WordPress website. WP-CLI lets you run WordPress Cron jobs as well as manage WP-Cron events. Cloudways servers already have this command line tool installed. The management of WordPress Cron jobs using WP-CLI is easy and allows you to keep your website running smoothly.

The first step is to have an external SSH connection to run and modify WordPress cron. WP-CLI is a program that allows you to create and manage Cron events, run them, and delete them. WP-cli can be used to schedule new WP–Cron event. They will be activated on the next cron run.

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